Super Cost-Effective Newest Chinese Snail Rice Noodles for Alleviate Hunger

Short Description:

(1).Name:JIAWEILUO Liu Zhou River Snail Rice Noodle 350g(thick soup flavor)

(2).Style:Boiled style

(3).Taste:thick soup flavor

(4).Flavor feature:sour,spicy,umami,fragrant,hot,fragrant.

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1.Name:JIAWEILUO liu zhou River Snails Rice Noodle 350g(Original Flavor)


3.Style:boiled style.

4.Flavor:thick soup flavor



7.Shelf life:270days

8.Suggestion:1 cup suitable for 1 person to enjoy

9.Storage condition:Store at room temperature, ventilated and cool place,Avoid exposure

10.Service:Support OEM/ODM, flavor customization, packaging customization.

2.Products Specification:

Main ingredients:Dry rice noodle packet,Snail soup packet,Pickled cowpea,dried turnip,agaric packet,sour bamboo shoots packet,Chili oil packet,Vinegar packet ,Yuba packet,peanut packet,Snail meat packet.

Advantager:1.Has snail meat; 2. Packaging has been upgraded from the inside out to safeguard product quality and consumer experience

3.Enterprise development Concept

With the popularity of various local delicacies such as snail noodles, the diet style of the new generation of consumers has become increasingly diversified. As an intangible cultural heritage food, the correct development attitude and direction of the brand is to not blindly follow the market trend, adhere to the inheritance of the intangible cultural heritage taste, and clarify which should be "innovative and flexible" and which should be "unchanged". Only in this way can we help the sustainable and healthy development of the featured local food industry. The development path of Jiaweiluo may be worth learning from many food brands.

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