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Short Description:

1.Name:JIAWEILUO Liu zhou River Snails Rice noodle 290g(original flavor)


3.Style:Boiling style.

4.Flavor:Orignial flavor



7.Suggestion:1 bag suitable for 1 person to enjoy

8.Shelf life:270days

9.Storage condition:Store at room temperature, ventilated and cool place,Avoid exposure

10.Service:Support OEM/ODM, flavor customization, packaging customization.

Product Detail

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Liuzhou river snail rice noodle


Main ingredients:

Dry rice noodle packet,Snail soup packet,Pickled cowpea,dried turnip,agaric packet,sour bamboo shoots packet,Chili oil packet,Vinegar packet ,Yuba packet,peanut packet.

2. Products Specification:

Liuzhou, a bustling city with starry night scenery, attracts friends from all over the country to the bowl of snail noodles, which makes the city's night sky more shining.  
The starry sky version of river snail noodles is designed with the starry sky as the design concept, keeping the original formula, so that consumers can taste the original local taste of Liuzhou.  
In the outer packaging design, the blue sky surface is the main surface, and the upward spiral river snail noodle design complement each other, elegant without losing youthful vitality, just like the bright night scenery of Liuzhou  

3.Process introduction:

One hundred percent of the ingredients of river snail rice noodle are purchased locally from Liuzhou, and the snail soup is made according to the old liuzhou technology.  Every step of making snail noodle is a strict operation and The raw materials used are carefully selected by hand.
A bowl of authentic snail noodles consists of rice noodle,sour bamboo shoots,fried peanuts,long sour bean,dried radish,black fungus,snail soup,sour vinegar,chili oil,fried bean curd stick and so on.the rice noodle made in eight processes and production in strict accordance with the requirements. Selected rice ,adible corn starch cassava starch production.the soup is the soul of river snail rice noodle.and it’s clear but not light,spicy but not hot,fragrant but not greasy,the taste is rich and pure.

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