JIAWEILUO Liu zhou River Snail Rice Noodle 315g(tomato flavor)

Short Description:

1.Name:JIAWEILUO Liu zhou River Snail Rice Noodle 315g(tomato flavor)


3.Style:Boiling style.

4.Flavor:Tomato flavor



7.Suggestion:1 bag suitable for 1 person to enjoy

8.Shelf life:270days

9.Storage condition:Store at room temperature, ventilated and cool place,Avoid exposure

10.Service:Support OEM/ODM, flavor customization, packaging customization.


Product Detail

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Main ingredients:Dry rice noodle packet,Tomato flavor Soup packet,Pickled cowpea,dried turnip,agaric packet,sour bamboo shoots packet,Chili oil packet,Vinegar packet,Yuba packet,peanut packet.

Corporate Philosophy

◆Guangxi Shanyuan Food Co., Ltd. With 6 years specification experience in river snail rice noodles production.since the company was founded which has always firmly unified belief that always ensure fresh supply,enhance first-class service consciousness,create a good corporate reputation,unremitting pursuit of customer satisfaction!We are committed to the river snail noodles to the world.At present,our company brand has covered most of china’s online sales channels。

We provide a variety of OEM/ODM services, including taste customization, logo customization, packaging customization, etc., we will do our best to meet your needs! If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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